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Security Guard

Security needs are numerous and we understand them. Whether you need a security guard
to keep your buildings, parking lots, visitors, customers or employees safe, the CISC will
provide it for your organization. Are you looking for a security agency that can offer you full
time, short or long term security services, whether it’s day or night? We’ve got you covered.

What Does the Security Guard Actually Do?

In a shopping center, the security guard can perform several roles. The guard will ensure the security of the building, the prevention of mischief, and the good behavior of the customers while offering a role of support to the merchants.

In a hospital, the security guard ensures access control, compliance with health standards and monitors the building. Are your needs broader in terms of patient and visitor management?

If it’s the case, we have security agents specializing in crisis management who have their ITCA, OMEGA or CPI training.

Constant support !

These are just two of the possible places where our security guards can support your organization. To name just a few, whether you need security guards to monitor your building, terrace, gym, commercial space, common area or even for the management of parking spaces, request a quote now. It will only take you 2 minutes and you will have peace of mind!

How Much Does a Security Guard Cost?

We would love to give you a price tag on this page, but it’s slightly more complicated and depends on various factors. Since we don’t know your security needs, we would rather give you a price for the security service that’s right for you rather than overly high. Here are the characteristics to take into account when you request security services:

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We can determine together whether you really need security guards on site or if the mobile security patrol is enough for you. Click below to request a quote.