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Moving Supervision

As a manager of buildings or real estate projects, you want to ensure that common areas
such as elevators, hallways and the condo are not damaged by the moving, as well as the
surveillance of your truck and your belongings.

As a condominium owner or tenant, your property manager will ask you to ensure the safety of the operations whether you move in or out. In any case, the hiring of a security agency to provide moving supervision is essential.

Why Hire an Agency to Ensure My Moving Security?

Moving supervision involves a security guard accompanying and assisting the movers. Among other tasks, the security officers make sure that the movers do not break furniture in the common areas.

They also ensure the security of the building, prevent damage, reserve elevators and parking lots, monitor your belongings and movements, execute visual rounds and produce a report.

In other words, moving supervision is an insurance for building managers but also for you. No one can blame you nor your movers for damage you did not cause. Moving supervision also ensures the professionalism of the movers and allows you to live in a clean and well-maintained residence. Finally, your personal belongings will be protected if you fear for their safety.

Do you have any security needs?

Whether you are arriving at a new condo or leaving it, you will need a security agency on the site