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Mobile Patrol

What is the difference between a security guard and hiring a mobile patrol? First of all, mobility! Whether you need a security patrol that will take care of security rounds around your building or patrollers to perform private security, we are the dedicated agency for you. Mobile security patrol perfectly fits your needs if they don’t require a full-time security guard.

Why Hire Security Patrol Officers?

Available 24 hours a day, the security patrol carries out security rounds in the surroundings and at the requested location according to a predetermined and random schedule. The patrollers come to keep an eye on your building, business, house or even neighborhood to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Finally, the mobile  patrol is a very effective solution to prevent vandalism due to its deterrent effect.

Are you an individual going on vacation? Our mobile patrol can adapt itself for your needs. Our security patrollers can execute surveillance rounds in your neighborhood and check the condition of your home to make sure there is no suspicious behavior or individuals

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Are you an entrepreneur worried about your business after working hours? Does your insurance recommend that you opt for a security service? Are you looking for a security team that can handle alarms? Do you simply want to prevent harmful behavior in your common spaces, terraces or gyms? If any of the previous questions apply to you, you need the mobile patrol. Regardless of your location across the province of Quebec, the mobile patrol allows you to benefit from an efficient security service at a reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to request a quote now.