What We Offer

Construction Site Surveillance

Are you a construction or renovation contractor? Do you own a site under construction? You
certainly want to avoid thefts and acts of vandalism on your construction or your equipment. Perhaps you might also need an officer who will ensure compliance with site and safety standards.

Regardless of your location in the province of Quebec and whatever the size of your site, we can ensure its safety. Whether your sites are residential, commercial, institutional, municipal
or industrial, we assure you that none of our security guards will enter the site without having their cards. We know the safety standards and follow them.

What is the Agent’s Role During Site Supervision?

Our security agents ensure the monitoring of equipment, compliance with construction site standards such as the wearing of protective equipment by your employees, access control, prevention of mischief (theft and vandalism) and the monitoring of potential fire risks or leaks. Depending on your needs, we offer you the possibility of having a full-time security guard or the services of our mobile patrollers. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you determine what your needs are on your construction sites according to your budget. Subsequently, we can suggest that you set up a fixed security guard during the opening or closing hours of the site, or the regular passage of a mobile patrol. Either way, you’ll benefit from an outstanding security service!

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